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Eric Frey

Commercial Sales Representative

At Coldwell Banker Commercial, my main focus has been 2 asset classes, Residential Development Lands and Investment Grade Commercial Real Estate properties. I strive to ensure my clients are taken care of by providing them with as much knowledge as possible and creating a teamwork environment to focus on the task on hand.

Mission: To provide value for my clients by securing value oriented commercial real estate deals.

Eric Frey is a well known business mogul in the commercial real estate world in Southwestern Ontario. Having been brought up in a family with acute interests in the real estate business, he holds real-time navigation schemes in the Commercial Real Estate world, especially in the land development and rental investment assets classes.

Eric Frey has managed to build a noteworthy career in the commercial brokerage community with a sole interest in Commercial Real Estate for over 7 years. His unwavering expertise in this market niche is attributed to a five-year program at the University of Guelph studying a Bachelor Degree in Commerce specializing in Real Estate and Housing.

His experience working with Real estate corporations and real estate finance fostered a culture of understanding the real estate analytics and market that prepared him for the sales representative role. In the Canadian market, his extraordinary services have earned him a reputation that sees him value his client’s expectation and interest towards accomplishing his clients goals at hand.

He is also recognized as a licensed real estate agent in membership with the Canadian Real Estate Association in Ontario. As an award winner in Young Guns, his primary interests extends to land development and residential investments for potential investors and developers interested in multiple unit apartments.

With perceptive negotiation skills and knowledge of the market, Eric continues to bring forward the team work approach with a consultant attitude.  Working for both investors and developers has equipped him with profound customer relationship management techniques that keep existing clients satisfied by being able to provide them value-oriented service.

Prioritization of the client’s interests has made Eric stands out among other competitors. Through his personal catalyst of innovation, passion and drive, he has excelled in analytical selling augmented by spreadsheet, proforma, tracking buyers and sellers and sound sales strategies along with a focused buyer database that can have the potential to satisfy both the vendor and purchaser by means of engaging both parties directly.


University Of Guelph, Bachelor of Commerce


Going on 8 years


Young Guns, Honors


Land Development, Residential construction, Multi-Family Investment Sales, commercial investment sales

Area Covered

Focused out of: Southwestern Ontario - Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Grey County, Wellington County. The commercial real estate business can spread far and wide and many buyers are willing to make the drive for properties they see value in.